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Lesson Materials - Lecture

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Week Lecture Slides Discussion Assignment
#1: 2010 Feb 2
Sensor, Photo Basics
History, the digital imaging sensor, and some basics of photography.
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No Discussion
#2: 2010 Feb 9
Metering, Exposure Parameter Side-effects
The side-effects of changing the three exposure parameters, the basic autoexposure process, and various metering algorithms to determine correct exposure.
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Syllabus brainstorming Self-portrait
#3: 2010 Feb 16
Program modes
Program modes (control schemes for the exposure parameters), which modes are applicable to a given stituation
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Self-portrait review Experimenting with low-light (optional)
#4: 2010 Feb 23
Defining blur, creating an equation for camera shake blur, and various techniques and technoligies to reduce blur due to camera shake
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Fast Action
#5: 2010 Mar 2
Creative Blur
Wrapup of camera shake reduction methods, and creative usage of blur
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Creative Blur
#6: 2010 Mar 9
Noise and its relation to sensor size and pixel density, the noise vs. detail tradeoff ("megapixel myth")
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Long exposure night photography+trip
#7: 2010 Mar 16
Noise Reduction
Noise reduction and a bit about the bad attributes of direct flash photos
Sports review Noise Reduction (optional)
#8: Spring Break No lecture No discussion
#9: 2010 Mar 30
Attributes of a light source: direction and area (diffusion). How to manipulate light sources to create particular lighting effects. Effective flash photography.
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Creative Blur review Lighting (optional)
#10: 2010 Apr 6
Field of view, Perspective
Our second unit on lenses. We start by explaining the relation between focal length (optical property of the lens) and field of view (property of the resulting image). We also discussed perspective (relative size of objects to one-another, based on distance)
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Flash/lighting - working with wireless, DIY modifications and tools Perspective (optional)
#11: 2010 Apr 13
Depth of Field
Defining focus and depth of field (limited range of distances which will be "in focus")
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Depth of field (optional)
ppt (6.7MB) Depth of field (optional)
#12: 2010 Apr 20
Dynamic Range
The limited range of brightnesses that a camera can capture. Various software methods to both expand dynamic range (restore detail) and contract it (increase contrast). Software tools such as Curves, Shadow/Highligts, HDR
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ppt (15.7MB)
Portrait Project
#13: 2010 Apr 27
How digital cameras derive color, color properties of different light sources, color correction in-camera and with post-processing
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Photo processing Processing (optional)
#14:: 2010 May 4
Lens Characteristics
Quality parameters of lenses, and compensating for them with software processing (e.g. sharpness, field distortion, etc.)
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Portraits review

Lesson Materials - Photojournalism

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Week Lesson Slides Assignment
#2: 2010 Feb 11
Defining Photojournalism
What is photojournalism? How does it differ from regular photography? Purposes and goals of photojournalism, and an introduction to the photojournalistic approach
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ppt (7.3MB)
Photojournalism Examples
#3: 2010 Feb 18
Analyzing samples
Introduce everyone via self-portraits, and analyze actual examples of photojournalism
#4: 2010 Feb 25
News Photography
The basics of covering general/assignment news. Shots to take, moments and subjects to look for, gathering cutline (caption) info.
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ppt (11.6MB)
Cover a news event
#5: 2010 Mar 4
News Photo review
Review everyone's photos from the news assignment, a little bit on scales of subject when covering news
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ppt (2.5MB)
Cover a news event 2
#6: 2010 Mar 11
News Photography 2, The Photo Story
More on approaches to shooting news photography. Scales of subject. Introduction of the photo story or documentary project, and possibly a quick brainstorm of ideas.
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ppt (2.0MB)
Come up with a photo story idea
#7: 2010 Mar 18 No section
#8: Spring Break No section
#9: 2010 Apr 1
News Photo review 2, photostory idea check-in
Reviewing photos from news assignment, check-in review of your photostory idea
Begin work on Photostory
#10: 2010 Apr 8
What's an environmental portrait, and how to take one
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ppt (15.7MB)
Portrait project (due 2 weeks)
#11: 2010 Apr 15
Ethics, processing
Ethics of photojournalism and processing techniques
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ppt (4.9MB)
#12: 2010 Apr 22
Portrait review
Photo review of the portraits assignment
#13: 2010 Apr 29
Sports photography, specifically in a journalistic context
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ppt (18.2MB)
#14: 2010 May 6
Photo Story Review
Final presentations of photo stories